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Salt Water Pool Systems

Salt systems provide an excellent method of pool water care.  This section deals just with salt systems for pools.  For more information about pool chemistry in general, see the pool chemistry section.

Benefits of Salt Water Pools

Find out why salt water pools have become so popular. 

Salt Water Pools – What’s Different?

Read about the differences between saltwater pools and traditional water chemistry.

How Does a Salt Water Pool System Work?

Learn how a saltwater chlorination system creates chlorine from salt without unwanted byproducts.

Choosing a Salt Water Pool System

Ask the right questions when looking for a saltwater system and you will end up with the right product.

Maintenance on Salt Water Pools

Water chemistry on saltwater pools is easier, but it is a little different.  Find out about the differences.

Troubleshooting Salt Water Pools

When there is a problem with a saltwater pool, it is generally something simple.  Find out in this section.

Salt Water Pool System FAQ’s

Not familiar with the concept of salt water pools?  Find out the answers to all your questions.

Sizing a Salt Water Pool System

Make sure you get the system that is properly suited to your pool’s gallonage and anticipated usage.


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