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Benefits of Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools used to be the exception, but now they are becoming a widely accepted method of water treatment in swimming pools. A lot of builders are now making salt water systems standard on their new pools.  Most equipment manufacturers have also become aware of the fact that salt water pools are not just a passing fad.  They are here to stay.

Why have salt water pools become so popular?

In this author's opinion, most people who consider themselves "sensitive" or "allergic" to chlorine are not reacting to the chlorine at all.  What is creating a problem is packaged pool chemicals and the additives and carriers in those chemicals.  Those same swimmers who claim allergic reactions to chlorine, typically experience no problems when they are in a salt water pool.  The answer isn't the absence of chlorine.  Salt systems create their own chlorine.  The answer is the absence of all the packaged chemicals and by-products in those chemicals.

What is the cost benefit of a salt water pool?

Most people do not buy a salt water pool system for the sole purpose of saving money.  They buy it for the increased swimmer comfort.  With that said, they do save quite a bit of money on pool chemicals, but it probably takes about 2-3 years before the system pays for itself. 

Here is the best rationale for buying a salt water system:  People spend $25,000 and up to build a beautiful pool, so doesn't it just make sense to spend about $1000 on the water quality.  After all, shouldn't the best thing about the pool be the water?  In the end, you get what you pay for.  A little money spent on the salt water system will allow the typical homeowner to enjoy their swimming experience so much more.

What is the down side to a salt water pool?

The only real problem we have seen is the fact that it does change the way you do your water chemistry and people are sometimes slow to adapt.  It is very important to follow directions carefully with regard to water chemistry.  Some pool owners have experienced problems trying to keep the pH down, but in our experience it is simply a matter of keeping up with the water chemistry and not letting the pH get too high before trying to adjust it.  Overall, the water chemistry does get easier, but there is a small learning curve.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a saltwater pool and a pool maintained with packaged chlorine?

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