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Choosing a Pool Cleaner
Suction Type

What do I need to
make this work?

Suction Side Pool Cleaner illustration

  • A dedicated Suction Line or a
    skimmer (see Diagram)
  • Main Pool
    Circulating pump ¾ HP or larger

What are the
advantages of this type of Pool Cleaner?

1. This type
cleaner does not require a booster pump so you save

electricity by only
operating one pump, the main circulating pump.

2. No
timer is required to operate this cleaner.

3. Very
few moving parts to break or be replaced.

What disadvantages
may exist with the suction cleaner?

1. Debris goes
directly to the skimmer or pump basket, which

must be carefully
monitored and emptied to prevent damage to the pump. Leaf traps can be

2. Water
flow must be maintained at the proper level to keep this cleaner working
properly. Filters must be kept clean.

3. Some
suction cleaners have difficulty with obstacles like main drains, steps,
etc. A few of them have optional parts to overcome this problem.

Suction Side Models

are many brands and models of suction cleaner available for both
inground and above ground pools


Since these cleaners
are dependent on the suction pressure of the pump, their operation
will be hindered by low flow.   For instance if the pump
basket is clogged or the filter needs backwashing, the flow to
the poolsweep will be lowered and it will not function as well.

a pool has a dedicated pool cleaner line, that line can be
converted to either a pressure or suction line, depending on the
type of cleaner you prefer.  With a dedicated line, you
always have the option to install a Polaris 280 or equivalent
(requires installation of a time clock and booster pump as well).

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