1. Water leaks from pool pump?

    No pool pump should ever have water leaking from it. The pool pump should be turned off immediately. Check the pool pump wet end components for cracks, chips, loose bolts, screws or clamps. Replace any defective parts. And always replace the shaft seal and all o-rings and gaskets using a Go-Kit.

  2. Pool pump motor Hums, shaft does not turn?

    Check electric power supply into the pool pump motor for correct voltage. If the voltage is correct, turn off electric power supply and open the pool pump’s wet end and check that the impeller and motor’s shaft turns freely. If not, motor may need to be replaced. If shaft turns freely, remove motor capacitor and meter it for continuity. Replace the pool motor capacitor if not working.

  3. Pool pump motor runs, turns off for a few minutes, comes back on?

    Check electric supply in both sides. If it is correct voltage, then the pool pump motor is overheating. Check the pool pump to make sure it is priming and full of water. Open the pool pump’s wet end, and check the impeller for damage or clogging. If the pool pump primes fully and there is no clogging or impeller damage, replace the pool pump motor.

  4. Pool pump not priming, sucking air, or losing power?

    Check strainer top and o-ring for air leaks. Check drain plugs for leaks. Examine any suction side valves for air leaks or o-rings that need to be replaced. Check impeller for damage or clogging. Examine suction side plumbing from pool for leaks and clogs.

  5. Pool pump very noisy?

    Open the pool pump’s wet end. Check impeller for damage or clogging. Make sure the pool pump’s motor shaft turns freely. While pump is apart, turn on motor. If it still is making noise, motor bearings are worn and you need to replace the bearings or the pool pump motor and all the seals and o-rings..

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