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Wiring a Two Speed Timer (T106)

The T106 timer is intended to be used as an automatic HIGH-LOW switch for a pump. It is not an ON-OFF switch. If you want to have both HIGH-LOW and ON-OFF capabilties, you will need to use the T106 timer and a T104 timer in conjunction or purchase a electronic digital three circuit timer, P1353

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Below are general instructions for wiring the T106 timer mechanism. As always, if you are not qualified or are not certain of what you are doing, bring in a qualified individual to assist you with the process.

NOTE: The T106 timer ships with a clear insulator that reads LINE-LOAD-LINE-LOAD. This does not correctly identify the terminals on a T106 timer, do not let that mislead you.

Step One: Bringing Power to the Timer

When wiring a 2 speed timer the first thing you do is bring your 220 volt AC power into the timer.

Your 220 volt power comes through two lines (or sometimes it is called two legs). Each line contains 110-120 volts and it combines to give you 220-240 volts of power to the pump.

You take one line of the 220 and take it to the first terminal. We show it in this diagram as a black wire.

You take the other line of the 220 and take it to the third terminal. We show it in this diagram as a red wire.

You then create a small loop and connect the third and the fourth terminals.  

The white wires from the timer motor should be wired into the first terminal and the third or fourth terminal.

If you are bringing power into your T106 timer from a T104 timer, then take your white timer motor wires to the line side of the T104 timer so that the clock motor on your T106 timer will keep moving even if the T104 shuts off.

Step 1 - T106 Wiring 2-Speed Timer

Step Two: Taking Power to the Pump

Now that you have power to the timer, you need to make your connections to the pump. 

Power comes into the first and third terminals and you loop a wire from the third terminal to the fourth terminal (as shown with the red wire).

On the back of the pump, you will see that there are three connections.

  • Common
  • High Speed
  • Low Speed

Connect a wire from the first terminal on the timer to the common terminal on the pump. We show this with a black wire.

Connect a wire from the second terminal on the timer to the high speed terminal on the pump. We show this with a orange wire.

Connect a wire from the fifth terminal on the timer to the low speed terminal on the motor. We show this with a blue wire.

Step 2 - T106 Wiring 2-Speed Timer

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