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Pool Plaster Care

The next step is to care for the plaster, that means brushing the pool and treating any spots in the plaster.

1.  Brush the Plaster - it does not hurt to brush the pool entirely, but if you are short on time or short on ambition, be sure to brush at least the walls, seats, steps and spa.  In other words, wherever the poolsweep does not cover, it is a good idea to brush.  This helps to keep dirt from building up in isolated areas.  It also disrupts any algae film before it becomes visible.

2.  Check for Spots - look to see any spotting or staining that may be developing.  It is best to address algae or stain or scaling before it gets too bad.

Algae usually comes in patches or spots that are yellow, green or black.  It should be brushed vigorously with a stainless steel brush and treated with an algaecide. Yellow and green algae generally brush off easily, but black algae can be tough since it is very dense and often grows in pits in the plaster.

Organic stains left by leaves, sticks, acorns, pecans and such will eventually bleach out, although slight discoloration remain.  A light shock can help speed the process, but will not make it happen overnight.

Metal stains are tougher to remove.  They require the use of acid or a metal removal product such as Jack's Magic.  

Scaling is a problem that often occurs with age in the pool.  It is not unusual to see a light yellow or gray film developing on the plaster.  A light acid wash can help treat the problem, but will not necessary remove it altogether.  You may increase the roughness of the plaster with an acid wash.

One of the best ways to care for your pool plaster is to take proper care of your water chemistry. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of algae, metal stains and scale.  The next step in servicing the pool is just that - pool chemical care.

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