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Pool Chemical Maintenance

This is the part that most pool owners dislike the most.  Part of the problem is that pool chemistry has become very complicated when in fact, it does not need to be.  We recommend looking at the water chemistry section on our site.  It will give you a much better understanding of this topic.

1.  Test the Chemicals - using a good test kit test the chemicals on the following schedule

Chlorine* - one or two times per week (testing instructions)

pH* - one or two times per week (testing instructions)

Total Alkalinity - once per week (testing instructions)

Calcium Hardness - once or twice per month (testing instructions)

Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid) - once per month (testing instructions)

*On heavily used pools or semi-public pools, these levels should be checked at least once each day.  Consult local pool codes for more information.

2.  Fill the Chlorinator - add enough chlorine tablets to the chorine feeder to feed the pool for the next week.  The exact number of tablets will depend on the size and usage of the pool.

3.  Make Adjustments - add chemicals as needed to bring chemical levels up the required ranges.  

  Proper Level Making Adjustments
Chlorine 2.0-4.0 Adjustment Charts
pH 7.4-7.8 Adjustment Charts
Total Alkalinity 80-120 Adjustment Charts
Calcium Hardness 200-500 Adjustment Charts
Stabilizer 50-80 Adjustment Charts

4.  Close the Pool - close the pool and ask swimmers to get out for sufficient time to allow the pool chemicals to dissolve and dilute.  Re-open the pool once the chemical levels are within the proper ranges.

With the water chemistry taken care of, it is time for the last part of your weekly pool service - pool equipment care.

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