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D.E. Filters



A DE filter offers the best possible filtration, but it also requires the highest level of maintenance.  DE filters are also not very forgiving of poor maintenance practices.  The filters need to be backwashed at proper intervals and the pump sizing and filter cycles need to be accurate.

The water enters the filter through the lower bulkhead fitting.  It enters the bottom of the tank and enters the grids (see close-up view).  The DE on the grids serves as the filter media.  The water passes through the DE and grid canvas to the inside of the grid.  The water passes up through the inside of the grids into the upper manifold.  The water then goes down the standpipe to the manifold and out through the backwash valve.   The air relief tube serves to continuously remove air pockets from the top of the filter.  The air relief valve offers a way to manually remove an air pocket in the filter.


A DE filter removes debris down to about 5-8 microns in size, but it is not practical for heavily used pools in most situations.  See the filter sizing chart for more information.

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