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Check Valves

Uses for Check Valves

In a pool system, the check valve is used to insure that water flows in only one direction.  There are several parts of the system where a check valve might be needed:

Elevated Spas - if the spa is higher than the pool, gravity will attempt to equalize the water level between the two bodies of water UNLESS there is a check valve on the spa return line.

Fountains - if there is a fountainhead that is above the level of the water or if there is a fountainhead that protrudes out of the water, then it should have a check valve on it.

Heaters - it is a good idea to put a check valve between the filter and the heater to keep superheated water from leaving the heater and warping the plumbing or backwash valve between the filter and heater.

Chlorinators - if an inline chlorinator is installed after the heater, it is a good idea to put a check valve between the heater and chlorinator to keep the chlorinator from sending corrosive gasses and liquids into the heater.  This can quickly and effectively destroy a heat exchanger.

Dual Pump Arrangements - if there are two or more pumps plumbed together, a check valve should be installed on the outlet side of each pump to keep one pump from blowing water down the throat of the other.  Otherwise you run the risk of spinning the impeller off that other pump.

Types of Check Valves

There are several types of check valves that are found on pools today.

Flapper Type  |  Diaphragm Type  |  Spring Type  |  Ortega  |  Jandy/Compool  


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