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 The Green Revolution

In Pool Care and Management                                                        
HaywardSaving Electricity | Improved Filtration | Heating a Pool or Spa | Natural-Friendly Sanitizers                         Eco Select™ is a trademark of Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc

Humans have always been in love with water; we like to drink it, swim in it, bathe in it, listen to its movement, and just sit and look at it. We have been building and enjoying swimming pools and water features since the beginning of civilization a few thousand years ago. As with all good things, satisfying that fascination has come with a cost in use of energy, use of resources, proliferation of chemicals and a waste of that precious water that we crave. Now the swimming pool industry has moved to begin reducing its impact on the environment and the world we live in. The Green Revolution in Pool Care has begun.

Whether you already own a pool or are going to build one, there is now a wide range of things you can do to “go Green” and “reduce the carbon footprint.” While many of those require a monetary investment, it will in most cases pay off quickly in savings in other areas. To see a more detailed explanation of those options, read our article on“Green” pools.

We have detailed here just some of the equipment and other products available on our website to help you be a conscientious and responsible pool owner.

Saving Electricity
Energy Efficient Pumps Energy Efficient Pumps - All pump manufacturers now offer Energy Efficient pump models. These single speed pumps are equipped with energy-saving motors that typically will cut up to 15% off the electric bill. 2-Speed Pumps - These pumps save electricity when they are operated on low speed. Most simple pools can be operated with a 2-speed pump for most of the pump run time and reduce electricity use by 30% or more. Two-Speed Pumps
Varialble Speed Pumps Variable Speed PumpsVariable speed pumps offer the option of very precise control over the rotation speed of the pump and can be programmed to use no more electricity than is required to accomplish any pumping job. Savings with variable speed pumps can be much more than 50%. Automated Control SystemsRecent improvements in automated control systems allow pool owners to monitor the pool conditions and equipment operation from anywhere, anytime, while maintaining a schedule for running the pump, pool cleaner, and all the other equipment. Equipment only operates when and for as long as necessary and is then shut off. You can also control chemical use and backwashing from some of the more sophisticated control systems. Automated Control Systems
LED Pool Lights New Lighting Methods – New lighting methods, particularly Fiber Optic and LED lights, use only a fraction of the electricity used by the traditional incandescent and quartz bulbs. Connecting these lights to automatic control systems helps save even more. Using the Right Pool Cleaner – Pool cleaners that use a booster pump also use extra electricity to operate that booster pump. The suction cleaners send dirt and debris into the filter and pump and can cause the pump to use extra electricity. The Pressure-side Cleaners that do not use a booster pump do neither of these things; debris goes into a bag that can be emptied and there is no extra pump using electricity. Robotic Cleaners use electricity but at low voltage for just pennies a day. Automatic Pool Cleaners
Savior Solar Filtration System (NE6750) Savior Solar Filtration System - Turn off the pump, save electricity by using this solar-powered floating pump and filter system. Not only will you save electricity by reducing the running time for the pump and filter, you will prolong the life of that equipment as well and reduce your maintenance and repair bills. The SolarChlor is a new way to chlorinate water that does not require installation or electricity. It can be used in pools of all types, spas, fountains and other water features. SolarChlor Solar-Powered Salt Chlorine Generator (NC3275)
Improved Filtration

ZeoFiber, a fully natural, bio-degradable substance.

ZeoFiber can be used in DE filters instead of DE. It is a fully natural, bio-degradable substitute that filters better than DE and lasts longer before backwashing. DE Filters require only a small amount of ZeoFiber in comparison with the pounds of DE that must be used in the same filter. Cartridge Filters - Cartridge filters do not require backwashing. They can be cleaned using less water than backwashing uses, and no chemicals are wasted or flushed into the wastewater system as in backwashing. They also give better filtration than a Sand Filter.

Cartridge Filters

Heating a Pool or Spa

Energy Efficient Heaters

Energy Efficient HeatersAll Manufacturers have drastically improved the efficiency of the gas heaters. They burn cleaner and more completely, saving on gas and allowing less pollutants to escape into the air. Heaters are also being made smaller to occupy less space at the pad and . Improved digital control systems also prevent the heaters from running too long and wasting gas. Heat PumpsIn climates where they can be used beneficially, heat pumps can provide savings; they use no gas and very little electricity to heat pool water. Heat Pumps

Solar Heating

Solar HeatAside from the initial cost of the equipment, solar heating adds no additional fuel cost. The main circulating pump for the pool sends the water through the solar heating coils and back into the pool. Solar Blankets – Keeping heat in the pool is an extremely important part of conserving energy. Most of a pool’s heat is lost at the surface through evaporation and wind activity. Solar blankets of many different kinds are used to hold the heat in the pool or spa when it is not in use. Any pool or spa left uncovered will rapidly lose heat and the heater will have to run more, using more gas or electricity. Solar Blankets

Solar Sun Rings

Solar Sun RingsA form of solar blanket, Sun Rings are smaller and made of a different material that is not like the traditional Solar Covers (usually “bubble covers”). Because they are smaller, a single person can put them on the water and arrange them to cover a pool regardless of its shape. Liquid Solar Pills and Solar Blanket – These products produce a film that coats the top of the water to hold in heat while allowing the sun to reach through and warm the water.

Liquid Solar Pills

Nature-Friendly Sanitizers

Salt Chlorine Generating Systems

Salt Chlorine Generating SystemsThere is little argument that chlorine is the most effective sanitizer for pools and spas. The problem with chlorine is its manufacture, transportation and storage, not to mention the danger of handling such a dangerous and toxic substance to get it in the pool water. A salt chlorine generator keeps chlorine in the water without any of those undesirable activities. Salt, the same salt we eat, passes through the generator cell and chlorine is released into the water without mess or fuss. This method of releasing chlorine into the pool water ensures a continuous and stable supply of chlorine, reduces the normal level in the water and makes the water feel softer to the skin. Zodiac Nature 2 – For those who have problems with chlorine, a mineral
sanitizer can be used. Such sanitizers include the Zodiac Nature 2 sanitizers.

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