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Resilience Salt Water Systems

by American SPS- Altamonte Springs, FL 32714  866-322-7665

Pool Plaza is no longer a dealer for Resilience Systems and parts. Please contact Resilience for the name of a dealer.


American Swimming Pool Systems offers the Resilience Natural Salt Water Chlorine Generator as the alternative to using Trichlor Tabs and Granular Chlorine in your pool. You no longer have to buy chlorine or store it at your home. The bad pool odors associated with using chlorine (they actually come from the chloramines by-products) are gone because the chlorine generator continuously eliminates them without your having to shock the pool. The pool water feels soft and silky and there is no irritation to the eyes and skin. Correct chemistry levels are easier to maintain. Unlike most other brands, Resilience Chlorine Generators can safely operate in lower and higher than recommended salt levels without shutting down.
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Resilience by American SPS


  • High Performance Electrolytic Cell

  • Energy Efficient

  • Self Cleaning - Automatic Reversing Cycles

  • Unique Tri-Sensor  (flow, temp, salinity)

  • Precision Adjustment

  • In-house control via AquaLink RS

  • Boost (shock) Mode Option.

  • Advanced Diagnostics

  • 5 Year residential warranty (3 Full, 2 pro-rated)

  • Independent Blade Technology (IBT)

  • Durable Clear Cell for easy inspection

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AquaPill Salt Cell Guard

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Salt & Stabilizer Test Kit

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There is a Resilience model for every size residential pool, as well as for free-standing spas and small above ground pools. Each one comes with a complete installation manual with easy to understand installation and operating instructions. For more information, go to

Resilience Model A3 - The A3 model boasts a chlorine production rate of 0.75 lbs. per 24 hour day, and is suited best for pools and spas up to 18,000 gallons. Where heightened chlorine demands exists due to warmer climates, high bather load, etc., the maximum pool size should be reduced by 30%

Resilience Model A5 - The A5 model boasts a chlorine production rate of 1.38 lbs per 24 hours day, and is suited best for pool and spas up to 40, 000 gallons. Where heightened chlorine demands exists due to warmer climates, high bather load, etc., the maximum pool size should be reduced by 30%

Resilience Model A7 - The A7 model boasts a chlorine production rate of 2.07 lbs. per 24 hour days, and is suited best for pools and spas up to 60,000 gallons. Where heightened chlorine demands exists due to warmer climates, high bather load, etc., the maximum pool size should be reduced by 30%

NEXACHLOR (NC1-120V) - For Spas and small pools up to 12,500 gallons Simple installation: plug into a standard 115V GFCI outlet and place the cell over the edge of the spa or pool. No plumbing or electrical work needed. Works at low mineral levels, 1550 PPM for Spas, 3000 PPM for small pools.

   Resilience Salt Water System for Salt Pools


What makes the Resilience system unique?

1.  Continuous Shocking

Shocks all the water all  the time as it's going through the cell. When you turn the system to 50% production it turns down the current but continues to operate 100% of the time; other generators simply turn off half of the time, which doesn't shock all the water going through the cell. Shocking continuously within the cell ensures that you don't have to shock manually with chemicals or by pushing buttons.

2.  IBT Technology

With the IBT (Independent Blade Technology) the Resilience has a salt indicator to let you know if the salt level is high or low. Since the system can operate at many salt levels, precise measurements are unnecessary. A few times a year, when level gets low simply add a full bag of salt, the smart Resilience generator will make the necessary adjustments to operate correctly.

3. Cell

Clear cell for easy inspection; recommended only two cleanings per year (competition requires cleaning every 1 to 3 months) Has less than 1 pound of backpressure across the cell, the lowest in the business. No bypass needed!

Cell stays cleaner with multi-level cleaning technology.

  • 1. Reverse polarity to reject calcium buildup
  • 2. Controlled turbulence
  • 3. Full flow
  • 4. Vibrating blades
These proprietary features combine to break off buildup and keep the cell cleaner than any other system

 How does the Resilience system work?

The System

The system creates a small amount of chlorine in the pool from the mild salt level that is in the pool. When the chlorine is used, it turns back into salt, ready to be turned into chlorine again.

AquaPure - how it works

The Control Panel

The control box provides key information about the unit to keep the homeowner Fully informed about conditions of the system and the pool or spa.

  • Control knob to control chlorine production (10% to 100%)
  • Boost button to shock the pool
  • Power Meter to show % of Chlorine output
  • High salt level indicator light
  • On/Off Light also indicates when reverse polarity is occurring
  • Water flow indicator light
AquaPure - the control panel
Chlorinating Cell

The cell operates with Resilience IBT (Independent Blade Technology)
  • Safely operates at low and high salt levels without shutting down.
  • Advanced Self-Cleaning
    -Vibrating Plates
    -Reverse Polarity
    -High Flow Rate
*Durable Clear Cell allows for easy Inspections
* Withstands pressure from in-floor cleaning system

Technical Specifications

Size: For pools greater than 18,000 Gallons A3 (SCC-13) - For pools up to 18, 000 gallons. 3 Blade System IBT (Independent Blade Technology.) Produces .75 lbs. of chlorine per 24 hour of operation

A5 (SCC-25) - For pools up to 35, 000 gallons. 5 Blade System IBT (Independent Blade Technology )Produces 1.38 lbs. of chlorine per hour of operation.

A7 (SCC-40) - For pools up to 55,000 gallons. 7 Blade System IBT (Independent Blade Technology) Produces 2.07 lbs. of chlorine per hour operation.
Input: 120V or 240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 22-30 VDC @ 6 amps maximum
Chlorine: 3000-4500 PPM ideal for optimal operation, but can safely operate in lower and higher salt levels without shutting down


The Strongest warranty in the business: 7 years with 3 years of full on-site parts an don-site labor coverage; the remaining 4 years are prorated at a flat 60%. American SPS will actually send a tech to the house at no charge to fix any manufacturing defects within first 3 years. (See Warranty for Details)

If you have any questions about your product selection, please call us at 1-800-394-6131.

If you are new to this concept - start by looking at our salt water pages in our ONLINE POOL SCHOOL.  It contains a wealth of information about Salt Water Chlorination.

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